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What Are The Benefits Of Day & Night Curtains?

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Just as its name suggests, the day curtain is basically meant for use during the day time while night curtains are more suited for the night. Who says that one cannot have a mixture of curtains? In case of day and night curtain, they both can be hung together on one curtain rod. Of course, these are used simultaneously but rather based on the time of the day. Both day curtains and night curtains are useful in their own ways. They are generally installed in living rooms and bedrooms in case of houses and board rooms or personal cabins in case of offices.

The creation of the two curtains is different; while the day curtains are made from thinner and more translucent fabrics, the night curtains are denser and made of thicker materials. Also, day curtains are different from night curtains in terms of popularity, the former is a lot more popular to the latter. In fact, the curtains that you see in most home or offices are day curtains! The reason why the day curtain is lighter in make is because its function is to reduce the glare in the room and control the heat to a certain extent. Thus, the curtain has to be translucent so that it doesn't block the sunlight seeping into the room and allows the room to remain bright enough for you to work in it.