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What is a Uni slat?

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1. Separated Fabrics - You don't need to replace the entire fabric; only the damaged or stained piece of fabric. Unlike traditional curtains which you have to take down the entire curtain to wash or replace, instead UNI SLATS offers flexibility and ease of use for easy maintenance and cleaning.

2. High-tech Special Processed Fabrics - UNI SLATS uses 100% polyester fabrics which are specially processed and made to be very light and soft. The fabrics used are also coated with an anti-pollutant protective silicon layer coating to prevent any dirt. The fabrics are also highly washable and wrinkle-free.

3. Easy to Change Look - Since UNI SLATS are divided into many individual pieces put together, you can change the entire mood of the room just by replacing with a couple of fabrics.

4. Air Movement Through The Fabric - Normal curtain is one whole piece of fabric but UNISLAT is divided into individual pieces so it helps to circulate the air in the room when the windows are opened.

5. Convenient System - UNI SLATS are easily operable with the use of Wand, Cord or Automatic Motor.